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Brand: LULU
Unit price: 11000.00 USD/
MOQ: 2
Quantity: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date 20 Days delivery
Area Origin: East Asia - China(Mainland)
Delivery Port: QINGDAO
Trade Terms: CNF/CFR
Payment Terms: T/T
Standard: SGS CE CCC
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MAIN MARKET: India, China, East Asia
Structure and performance characteristics
1) The diameter of the roller: 1000mm, roller number: 2
2) The weight of the machine: 1500KG
3) Total installation Power: 9KW/Set, with real consumption power: 6KW
4) Gear box: ZQ serial
5) Transmission belt model: RV mode
6) MIN Output of the machine: 350KG/H
7) Clean rate: straight stem above 95%

This equipment is mainly used for fresh and dry chili's stem cut off, this equipment have high clean rate, low chili loss and high efficiency, it is adjust to different type and pepper's shape(we can custom-make for you), every machine's effciency reached five times than common products on the market, overall performance reached the international leading level. Product host supplemented by to cleaning, transportation and other auxiliary equipment, machine automation performance play a significant, is important equipment of staple agricultural products processing can replace a lot of artificial, save operation cost, and greatly improve the work efficiency.
The main working principle: in the sieve tube rolling process, lateral cutting knife and the inner wall of the sieve tube of revealing sieve pepper stems mechanical hinge force, to remove the pepper handle.
Our company manager Mr Li is a inventor.His patent product chilli stem cutting machine received the order from around the world.And by the vast number of new and old customers of the recognition and support.

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