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BenQ W1110: Sound and Conclusions

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Core Tip:BenQ W1110Sound QualityThe W1110s audio falls comfortably short of that of its W2000 sibling. The soundstage is much mor

BenQ W1110 – Sound Quality

The W1110’s audio falls comfortably short of that of its W2000 sibling. The soundstage is much more contained and constrained, feeling locked more closely to the projector’s body. Which isn’t a great thing considering that the projector will likely be sited some distance from the screen. Trebles sound more harsh, and bass is less convincing and deep.

Having said all that, the W1110’s audio is actually better than that of most projectors I've seen. Although, I’d always recommend getting yourself an external audio system wherever possible when using a projector.

Other Things To Consider

Despite its high levels of brightness, the W1110 runs exceptionally quietly for such an affordable projector. Even sat right next to it, I didn’t find myself distracted by either its cooling fans or any noise from its colour wheel. Excellent.

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BenQ W1110

The W1110 also scores major brownie points for input lag; barely 10ms according to our measurements when using the projector’s Game picture preset. This makes it a truly exceptional projector for gamers looking for every millisecond of competitive advantage.

Should I buy a BenQ W1110?

If you’re a serious movie fan, you should consider finding the extra £90 needed to buy the BenQ W2000 – especially since that model has a more consistent colour tone to go with its superior out-of-the-box colour accuracy.

However, for a more casual, all-round unit the W1110 has plenty going for it – including its aggressive price.

image: http://img.worldinout.com/img/201512/15/100658644.jpg

BenQ W1110


While a slight colour uniformity issue means the W1110 doesn’t quite secure a TrustedReviews Recommended badge, it has plenty of features and performance strengths to make it a great-value offering.


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