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China retail sales rise 11.1%, online sales jump 33.3%

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Core Tip:China's retail sales of consumer goods performed well in December thanks to pro-consumption policies from the government, official data showed Tuesday.

China's retail sales of consumer goods performed well in December thanks to pro-consumption policies from the governmentofficial data showed Tuesday.

Retail salesa key indicator of consumer spendingrose 11.1 percent year on year to 2.86 trillionyuan ($436 billion), according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

The growth rate was still encouraging although slightly down from 11.2 percent in November.

In 2015, retail sales grew 10.7 percent from a year earlierslower than the 12-percent increaseregistered in 2014.

Online sales remained strong last yearjumping 33.3 percent year on year to 3.88 trillion yuan.


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