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Marine Cargo Insurance Claims Guide

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Core Tip:Marine Cargo Insurance Claims Guide
Claims Guidelines
? It is the duty of the Insured or their servants of the Insured's Agent, in all cases to take such measures as may be reasonable for the purpose of averting or minimising a loss and to ensure that all rights against Carriers, Bailees or other third parties are properly preserved and exercised.
? In particular, the Insured or their servants or the Insured's Agent are required:
? To claim immediately on the Carriers, Port Authorities or other Bailees for any missing packages
? To apply immediately for survey by Carriers' or other Bailees' Representatives if any loss or damage be apparent and claim on the Carriers or other Bailees for any actual loss or damage found at such survey
? In no circumstances, except under written protest, give clean receipts where goods are in doubtful condition
? To give notice in writing to the Carriers or other Bailees within 3 days of delivery if the loss or damage was not apparent at the time of taking delivery
? When delivery is made by Container, to ensure that the container and its seals are examined immediately by their responsible official. If the Container is delivered damaged or with seals broken or missing or with seals other than as stated in the shipping documents, to clause the delivery receipt accordingly and retain all defective or irregular seals for subsequent identification
? The Consignees or their Agents are recommended to make themselves familiar with the Regulations of the Port Authorities at the port of discharge.
? Survey and Claim Settlement
? In the event of loss or damage that may involve a claim under this insurance, immediate notice must be given to the survey and claims settling agents shown in the schedule.
? To enable claims to be dealt with promptly, the Insured or their servants or the Insured's Agent are advised to submit all available supporting documents without delay, including when applicable:
? Claims Statement
? Original policy or certificate of insurance.
? Original or copy shipping invoices, together with shipping specification and/or weight notes.
? Original Bill of Lading and/or other contract of carriage.
? Survey report or other documentary evidence to show the extent of the loss or damage.
? Landing account and weight notes at final destination.
? Correspondence exchanges with the Carriers and other Parties regarding their liability for the loss or damage.
? Failure to comply with any of these requirements will prejudice any claim under the policy.

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