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"Andrew West" + Universalr Courier Service Company + Shipping SCAM

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Core Tip:"Andrew West" + Universalr Courier Service Company + Shipping SCAM

Dear all. To me this sounds too much like a scam but you guys are the experts. A colleague from work was approach on facebook by a Swedish guy looking for love (Hazard alert No. 1). They have exchanged a number of messages in the past weeks but he has only provided a couple of pictures of himself (Hazard alert

No. 2). She asked him for photos and he said he will send them in a pen drive directly to her house (Hazard alert

No. 3). So he told her he has sent a package using Universal Courier Service Company - International diplomatic World wide shipment only (Hazard alert N

o. 4). I'm not a master of internet searching but no matter how hard I try, I just can't find this company.

My colleague is a class A kind of woman and I would hate to see her in some kind of fishy stuff. HAs someone seen something like this before?


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