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Taipei Int’l Automation Exhibition 2016

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Show Date 2016-08-31 To 2016-09-03
Exhibition City Taiepi
Display Address No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taiepi, Taiwan
Hall Name Taipei World Trade Centre Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F
Host Chan Chao Int’l Co., Ltd.
Undertaker Bureau of Foreign Trade
Official Website http://www.autotaiwan.com.tw/en/
Show Description

Exhibit Info.
Automation had deeply rooted in each industries, which include from traditional manufacturing industry to electron industry; from peripheral materials to factory equipment; from techniques to service…etc. Every industries are upgraded rapidly by automation. Moreover, with the impetus to the scheme of 「Developing Scheme of Intelligence Automation Industry by government lately, which driven the developing of intelligence automation industry, increasing the competitive advantage among the worldwide market.

Since1987, Taipei Int’l Automation Exhibition has been successfully held for 28 years. Even though the exhibition had been through Financial Crisis, SARS among the nation and others major crises...etc. The exhibition is still remain being held annually, which made it become one of the major Automation Industry Exhibition in Asia. Using 「Intelligence Manufacture ? Activating Industry 4.0」 as the key subject for 2015 Automation Show, we will continue to promote Industry 4.0, creating more business opportunity for the industry.

This exhibition has combined different resources from the industries. Providing a professional interaction platform, which enable the exhibitors to exhibit by increasing efficiency, decreasing cost/labor, corresponding to energy conservation/environmental and high value added through the exhibition. Also it allows the buyers among nation or internationally to visit the newest automation equipment in this exhibition, we cordial invite you to join the show!

Date August 31 - Sep.3 (Wed - Sat), 2016
Aug.31-Sep.2 9:00am-5:00pm
Sep.3 9:00am-4:00pm
Venue Taipei World Trade Centre Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F
(No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taiepi, Taiwan MAP
Organizer Chan Chao Int’l Co., Ltd. / Economic Daily News
Sponsor Bureau of Foreign Trade

Chan Chao International Co., Ltd. 
3F, No.185, Kangchien Road,Nei-Hu Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-2659-6000 #122 / #153
FAX: +886-2-2659-7000
Email: automation@chanchao.com.tw

Full name:Chan Chao
Teleohone:+886-2-2659-6000 #122 / #153
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