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Victory General

  • Brand Name:Victory General
  • Company Name:information
  • Official Homepage:http://www.plasticraw.com
  • Area: East Asia - China(Mainland)
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  • Updated:2015-12-21
Brand Introduces

Your Chain Co., an experienced company in plastic and rubber industry has devoted all the effort on researching and developing world-class high performance materials. To achieve high level technology, recently it has launched new products of GSE series that perform well with impact resistance, anti-static, low temperature performance, heatproof, high rebounding activity, heat shrinkage resistance and high elasticity.

By applying our own unique method during plastic production procedure, certain properties and performance come out. Victory General has used the technology to make up on the cracks between rubbers and plastics and eventually reached the world standard and meet the demands of the environmental protection policy.

Our Strength

Your Chain Co./Victory General has built themself a position on the globe by working with world renowned chemical companies. We filled the gap between those chemical companies and middle-end markets, connecting the upstream factories and downstream processing factories to satisfy the market demands of general plastics and synthetic rubbers.

Enhancement and Innovation

Victory General Technology Co. and Your Chain Co. are the most professional and diverse plastic compound and plastic material enterprises in Taiwan.

Currently, the new products we have researched and developed catch the attention of European, American and Japanese brands. Your Chain's goal is to obtain the global reputation by its own technology.

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