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  • Brand Name:Sinochem
  • Company Name:information
  • Official Homepage:http://www.sinochem.com
  • Area: East Asia - China(Mainland)
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  • Updated:2016-01-08
Brand Introduces

Sinochem Group was founded in 1950. Its predecessor was China National Chemicals import and Export Corporation, which was China’s largest trading firm. Sinochem Group is the key state-owned enterprise under the supervision of State Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). Sinochem’s headquarter is located in Beijing.

Sinochem’s core businesses span over energy, agriculture, chemicals, real estate and financial service. It is one of China’s four state oil companies, China’s biggest agricultural input company (fertilizer, seed and agrochemicals), China’s leading chemical service company. It also exerts strong influence in real estate and non-banking financial service sector. As a global conglomerate with market orientation, Sinochem’s quality product and service is relevant to many aspects of mass economy and people’s well being. Its brand enjoys high reputation and acknowledgement around the world.

Sinochem currently owns more than 300 subsidiaries inside and outside China. It controls several listed companies including Sinochem International (SH, 600500), Sinofert (HK, 00297) and Franshion Properties (HK, 00817), and is the largest shareholder of  Far East Horizon (HK, 03360). In June 2009, Sinochem Group established Sinochem Corporation as the vehicle for potential group IPO.

Sinochem Group is China’s earliest entrant in Fortune Global 500 and has entered the list for 25 times, ranking 105th in 2015. Through years of strategic transformation and management overhaul, Sinochem has maintained a sustainable, healthy and rapid development. Sinochem has been rated by SASAC as “top A corporate performance” for 11 consecutive years and 3 consecutive tenures, and it has been listed in “World’s Most Admired Companies” by Fortune for 2 consecutive years, both ranking the first in Trading Industry List.

Sinochem’s vision is to become a respectable company with global influence, making fortune to all the stakeholders and the society. Our 50,000 employees will follow the doctrine of “Creating Value, Pursuing Excellence”, shoulder social responsibility as corporate citizen, and adopt scientific development approach to realize sustainable business potency.

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