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  • Brand Name:COFCO
  • Company Name:information
  • Official Homepage:http://www.cofco.com
  • Area: East Asia - China(Mainland)
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  • Updated:2015-12-21
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COFCO Corporation is a leading supplier of agri-products, diversified foodstuffs and services in China, integrating agri-trading, logistics, processing, production and sale links, and providing grain and oil products to one quarter of global population.

Aiming to meet the market’s need with a global horizon, COFCO closely connects its corporate development with supply and demand situation of global grain and foodstuffs. With its international strategic layout, COFCO creates a wholly-new business model to build a fully-integrated value chain covering all links from the farmland to the dining table, thereby developing into an international food company with global layout and staple food operation.  Relying on its global network and domestic storage and logistics presence, COFCO makes grain production and circulation more efficient. Currently, COFCO boasts the asset of $71.9 billion, storage capability of 31 million tons, annual processing capability of 89.5 million tons, annual port transit capability of 54 million tons,and annual business volume of 150 million tons. COFCO presents itself in more than 140 countries and regions with 336 branches and offices all over the world.

Meanwhile, COFCO owns global producing and purchasing platforms and trading network, involving plantation, purchasing, storage, logistics and port facilities, and also establishes the stable grain corridor between the largest producing areas such as South America as well as Black Sea areas and Asian emerging markets with highest demand increase in grain.

At present, COFCO owns over 180 processing factories domestically with 2.3 million terminal points of sale covering 952 large and medium-size cities, and more than 100 thousands counties, towns and villages. With an increasingly-sound value chain, COFCO boasts a wide range of branded products and service portfolios, including Fortune edible oil, Great Wall wine, Le Conte chocolate, Tunhe tomato products, Joycome meat products, Xiangxue flour, The Cereal Way instant noodle, Lohas fruit juice, Joy City shopping mall, Yalong Bay resorts, China Tea products and COFCO-Aviva Life Insurance, etc.

As an investment holding company, COFCO has five companies listed in Hong Kong, namely, China Foods Limited (00506.HK), China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited (00606.HK), Mengniu Dairy (02319.HK), Joy City Property Limited (00207.HK), CPMC Holdings Limited (00906.HK) and three companies listed in mainland China, namely, COFCO Tunhe Co., Limited (600737.SH), COFCO Property (Group) Co., Ltd. (000031.SZ), and COFCO Biochemical (AnHui) Co., Ltd. (000930.SZ).

With its good business performance, COFCO has consecutively been ranked among the world's Fortune 500 companies, and tops the list of Top 100 companies of China’s food industry.

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